The Services team at Vanguard brings to life the promise of end

-to-end business solutions for the industry’s most demanding operators.

Compliance & Licensing

Municipal, State and market compliance assurance advisory support, Vanguard works with clients to identify issues ahead of time in order to reduce delays and cost overruns.

Efficiency & Modeling

Meeting client defined specifications, we deliver process engineering expertise and best practices to optimize margin availability throughout all phases of the client project.

Quality Management

Product consistency, operating standardization and adherence to industry and globally mandated quality control requirements, our Quality team knows what you need to meet your buyer’s expectations.


Vanguard is a global technology integrator, whose responsibilities to its clients involve not only the accurate and timely definition and installation of the specific equipment needed to meet the project needs, but also adherence to the various compliance frameworks regulating the market of operation. To date, Vanguard has helped clients define equipment selection, train employees, build processing facilities, and implement solutions across six countries, participating in client’s both cGMP and euGMP validation process.


Vanguard-made and from portfolio partners: End-to-end, manufacturer-agnostic equipment for exacting extraction operators.​

We work directly with the top-of-the-line manufacturers in the extraction field to deliver a robust portfolio of products for every step of the extraction process. With our technology agnostic approach, you can rest assured that our equipment recommendations are based specifically on the needs of your business. From material preparation, all the way through to remediation, our expert team is ready to guide you through the equipment selection process.




Vanguard Scientific More Than Doubles Throughput on CO2 Extraction Platform; MIDAS XII

The result of more than 18-months of research and development, The MIDAS XII-CS co-solvent extraction system delivers significant efficiency gains by introducing a small quantity of ethanol to the platform’s native CO2 extraction process. This enables the system to continue to perform its historical role as a highly precise terpene extraction tool and now, to also function as a highly efficient, batch-controlled bulk cannabinoid extraction solution.

Vanguard to donate one of their flagship supercritical CO2 Extraction Systems, the MIDAS XII, to the University’s Global Hemp Innovation Center to support the ongoing hemp research by numerous college’s within the university.

Vanguard Scientific™ and Bison Extracts have launched a new program aimed at helping Oklahoma’s cannabis patients and consumers understand how the “soil-to-oil” process of creating cannabis and hemp products affects them.

n May, the SAFE Act banking provisions were passed in the House of Representatives as apart of the HEROES Act Covid-19 relief bill, and now, a change in control of the Georgia Senate this week could clear the way for the passing of the SAFE Act.





Regardless of the scale of operation, from material preparation to final ingredient formulation, the production of consistent, high quality extracts requires the right equipment, appropriate methodologies and compliant procedures.



"Not only does the MIDAS create the most sought after product we make, but also the highest margin." 

Sean Harrison

Head of Processing

Tilt Holdings, Inc

Image by Hans Reniers


Vanguard Scientific is a global provider of botanical extraction equipment and professional services with an emphasis on improving the lives of our clients, team-members and the world around them.


Steeped in R&D, Vanguard Scientific enables clients to activate and operate extraction facilities via customized integration of systems and solutions. While the Company continues to remain technology agnostic, Vanguard Scientific has pioneered its own proprietary system, the MIDAS, a next generation supercritical CO2 extractor.