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Success in botanicals demands an experienced perspective powered by accurate data and a lot of hard work. Whether you’re planning and funding, or operating and optimizing, the Business Services team at Vanguard can help.

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You have a vision, but you need help making it a reality. Whether you are looking for help developing a business plan to raise capital or you are looking for expert advice on how to optimize the deployment of the capital that you already have, we can help. Our team of experts have decades of experience in the cannabis and hemp  industries across numerous countries and regulatory environments. As your trusted advisors, we will work alongside you to build a comprehensive and robust business plan

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This industry is unlike any other, with widely varying and ever-evolving regulatory environments of operation, it can be difficult to get firm footing on where you stands. Our expert team is constantly tracking the changing market requirements for compliance and can make tailored assessments of your individual regulatory and financial circumstances so that you can get the informed peace of mind you need to be able to make the best decisions for your business.



Business Planning
Financial & Regulatory Assessment
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The foundation of any successful operation is a well designed and properly functioning facility. We have helped businesses of all shapes and sizes get off the ground, and whether you have 1,000 or 100,000 square feet to develop, we can help optimize your plans to meet the goals and needs of your facility operations.

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Defining the product you intend to make will dictate the process that will get you there. Through our process definition services we can help you reverse engineer the optimized process to output the product you intend to make at the ongoing quantities that meet the needs of your operation.


Facility Design
Process Definition
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Extraction is an art form, and the layout of your lab can make or break the efficiency of your operation. We have the years of expertise and the R&D pedigree to optimize your processing operation. Regardless of the method of extraction you choose, from hydrocarbon to ethanol and everything in between, Vanguard can design the lab layout you need to maximize your business.


The right equipment needs to be tailored to the specific needs of your business and end products you seek to produce. Our team is highly trained to define and optimize equipment selection from a technology agnostic perspective, ensuring that the equipment you receive is ideal for your needs


Lab Layout
Equipment Commissioning
University Building


Strict and increasing regulations in this industry continue to define your ability to operate. Knowing where your operation stands today and where you will need to be tomorrow is crucial to avoiding the pitfalls of non-compliance. Our experts have worked with clients across the globe with varying standards and ever-evolving regulations. We can guide you to future-proofing your business.



If you're ready to take the next step towards compliant and CPGl grade products, we can guide you through the process. Our team has years of experience working within cGMP environments and can provide high-level guidance for your unique needs. Navigating GMP regulation on your own is a treacherous endeavor, let us ease the burden and ensure that you reach your destination with the least stress possible.

Compliance Assessment
GMP Readiness
Business Meeting


Our team is eagerly standing by ready to assist your needs. Contact us today with a brief description of the services you need and our team will contact you to schedule a discovery call and begin the process.


We can still help. Even if you're not sure if our services are a right for your needs or if you are just looking for advice on whether your vision is feasible, we offer an affordable hourly consultation service to guide you without a long-term commitment.

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