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All Industrial breakthroughs begin first at the laboratory bench. Whether you are seeking formulation and research scale equipment for early ingredient creation and product ideation, or you would like to add complete analytical capabilities to your existing processing operation, we will recommend the right instruments and equipment to meet your Lab needs.



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Vanguard Scientific is a global provider of professional services and technology integration capabilities, helping our client’s capture tomorrow’s opportunities today.  Steeped in R&D, Vanguard Scientific enables clients to activate and operate extraction facilities through customized recommendation and implementation of systems and quality solutions. 


Our Mission

Founded in 2015, Vanguard  Scientific was built on the belief that innovation in botanical based medicines can make the world a better place. 

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Vanguard Scientific is taking ownership of innovation and the supply chain development for oil extraction and ingredient processing within the Active Botanic and Hemp industries. We are creating, teaching and implementing the standards that will help provide consistent, quality medicine and therapeutics to the masses in order to save lives and improve the overall quality of health and well being. Vanguard Scientific has embraced the role of “Guardian” for a mission we believe has been entrusted to us in order to help bring healing to humanity through the regulated delivery of the incredible compounds found throughout nature and the world around us.

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Vanguard Scientific is a global technology integrator, whose responsibility to its clients involve not only the accurate and timely definition and installation of the specific equipment needed to meet the project needs, but also adherence to the various compliance frameworks regulating the client-specific market of operation. To date, Vanguard has helped clients define equipment selection, train employees, build processing facilities and implement solutions across six countries, participating in client’s both cGMP and euGMP validation process.


Our Why
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