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MIDAS XII Gains Co-Solvent Capability with Release of MIDAS XII-CS

A comprehensive video overview for the MIDAS XII-CS is available above.

Today, we are excited to announce the next evolution of our MIDAS Program, the MIDAS XII-CS, a co-solvent-capable version of our award-winning MIDAS Supercritical CO2 extraction platform. The addition of co-solvent capability delivers a 200-300% throughput increase with minimal impact on operating costs.

The result of more than 18 months of research and development, The MIDAS XII-CS delivers significant efficiency gains by introducing a small quantity of ethanol to the platform’s native CO2 extraction process. This ethanol addition enables the system to continue to perform its historical role as a highly-precise terpene extraction tool, and now, to also function as an ultra-efficient, batch-controlled bulk cannabinoid extraction solution. The release of the MIDAS XII-CS comes at a pivotal moment in the cannabis and hemp industries, as the demand for high quality, GMP-compliant, full-spectrum products is rapidly out-pacing the production capacity of existing CO2 extraction technologies.

In adding co-solvent capability to the MIDAS XII system, operators can leverage the platform’s ability to target fragile plant compounds in a compact footprint, while resolving the common throughput limitations of CO2. Our CEO, Matthew Anderson, says that the company’s obsession with staying ahead of the market keeps his R&D team busy. “We continuously analyze the global extraction marketplace. In this case, we see the ability to satisfy demand for high-value, full-spectrum product tripping over technology shortcomings.” Anderson notes that in addition to product and compliance leadership, Vanguard is also committed to building technologies that make financial sense for operators. “In the long list of hurdles facing business owners, CAPEX and OPEX optimization rank at the top. It is for this reason that we are excited to offer the MIDAS XII-CS at a broadly accessible price point, reestablishing the MIDAS Program as the industry’s premier extraction solution with the overall lowest total cost of ownership.”

After a rocky 2019-2020, the cannabis and hemp industries show signs of stability, though operators continue to respond to fluctuations in key benchmarks. Major ingredient and commodity tracking organizations report overall decreases in per-user consumption rates of CBD isolate, a trend that points to shifting buyer preferences as end-users seek more efficacious broad and full-spectrum oils. For producers and companies like Vanguard, the challenge is to ensure that improvements in manufacturing technology appropriately anticipate and then outpace these shifts.

The CS takes advantage of the best capabilities of both CO2 and ethanol, thanks in no small part to the MIDAS platform’s unique dual-column design. By utilizing the gentler supercritical CO2 process to first extract delicate terpenes into one column, operators can protect these fragile compounds for reinsertion into final products, and then, with valuable terpenes safely isolated, the system introduces ethanol for rapid extraction of remaining oils and cannabinoids into the second column. Each extraction cycle requires just 900-2700ml of the same ethanol required for post-processing, meaning that beyond quantities normally on hand, no additional solvent inventory is required.

“This system is designed for the future of the industry”, remarks Nick Herbst, our VP of Engineering, “Craft and specialty minor cannabinoid formulations will continue to drive the consumer market, especially as regulations expand. This system modification allows processors to create a broader range of products at an increased scale.”

The opportunity to multiply production capacity with a straightforward modification has been well received by our clients. "The MIDAS XII has been the main extraction system in our operation for over a year now" says Brandee Spillman, President/CFO of Bison Extracts, "The ability to double or triple throughput without compromising quality or having to increase the size of the system or our facility is a huge win. We cannot wait to get the MIDAS XII-CS into our facility."

The co-solvent system is available as an onsite modification for existing MIDAS users or as a complete MIDAS XII-CS package. In both instances, buyers will experience the increased productivity of up to three standard MIDAS XII units for an investment of just slightly more than the purchase price of a single unit.

The CS modification to existing MIDAS systems will cost $15,000 and the turnkey MIDAS XII-CS will list for $110,000. “We’ve pulled out all the stops” remarks Matthew Anderson, “With aggressive pricing to meet the 2021 marketplace and newly available internal financing, we are committed to ensuring that the MIDAS Program keeps its well-earned title as the CO2 solution with the lowest total cost of ownership in the market.”

To request additional information, apply for internal financing, or to reserve your system, click here or email us at


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