A Global Cannabis Industry? Is Your Operation Ready? Probably Not

By Gregory Frye

As cannabis continues to gain mainstream momentum, operators and stakeholders in the space face serious questions and challenges that will test and perhaps even redefine almost every aspect of their business.

The industry is on the threshold of exponential growth, and we’re still in the early chapters of a narrative that will impact every human being on the planet if done properly.

“Just like we had digital transformation being the great disruptor of the last 20 years, cannabis transformation is going to be one of the greatest disruptors of the next 20 years,” says Stephen Murphy, Co-Founder at Prohibition Partners. Murphy recently moderated a guest panel at Vanguard Scientific’s ‘Inside the Industry’ Webinar event that brought together Chris Stubbs, Vijay Bachus and Chris Chappie, some of the top minds in the industry, to discuss the future of global cannabis.

Obviously, if your goal is to keep things small, selling craft cannabis out of a mom-and-pop operation, the challenges and the demands will be much different compared to those with greater, mainstream ambitions.

“The regulations are coming,” says Chris Chappie, VP of Systems Integration at Vanguard Scientific, emphasizing that most cannabis facilities today will likely not be compliant in a few years’ time.

“The long-game investors and the long-game producers are demanding a safely produced, trackable product, one that's produced with the safety of the employees and supply chain in mind.”

These factors are not just about morale and passion, Chappie continues. “For the purpose of competing in what's going to be a global environment, these companies are going to be demanding a uniform and consistent product, and a process that's trackable and transparent throughout the supply chain.”

This is an enormous change, Chappie notes, from the backyard Hydrocarbon producers of yesteryear compared to sterilized laboratories mass producing products for medicine or food additives.

Some producers in the industry will be able to make this kind of change while others won’t, Chappie adds. This is what’s happening with CBD right now.

Quality Control Equals Innovation and Opportunity

Quality control is a central focus for Chris Stubbs, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of GenCanna Global. Stubbs works with his team overseeing 7,000 acres of hemp destined for CBD extraction.

“Quality management, taking a look under the hood – if you can't get through a vendor supply chain on it, you're not going to be producing for any big player,” Stubbs notes during the session.

The entire system supporting that 7,000 acres is designed “to extract, to refine, to formulate, to isolate, with very similar outputs every single time because you have to minimize risk, you have to minimize crop after crop year variability. And there are tons of levers that we can pull throughout this process to do that,” Stubbs explains.

“But if you can't get past step one, which is being approved to sell into a more mature market, all the other cannabinoids don't matter. And so, we've designed this to be agnostic to which cannabinoid we're extracting and refining or formulating with.”

It is only when you have this foundation dialed in, Stubbs advises, that you can really begin to innovate with product development.

“When you look at qualifying an ingredient and being able to play in different marketplaces because you have reached the highest bar from a regulatory and specification perspective, then we get to focus on other things,” he says.

“How many zeros are there before the THC limit is reached? What is the particle size? What's the product stability and shelf life? It's not just that standard industry COA; you have to go much further beyond that if you're going to impress and be approved by a Nestle or a major water company, as examples.”

Is Your Operation Ready for the Big Leagues?

It’s only a matter of time before CPG companies such as Nabisco, Nestle, or Unilever come in and start partnering with or buying out cannabis operators. That kind of payday is why a lot of stakeholders got into cannabis or CBD in the first place.