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Biopharmaceutical Research Company Partners with Vanguard Scientific

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Vanguard’s Midas XII-CS system will allow for clean and compliant production of oils, extracts and isolates in BRC’s DEA-compliant cannabis production and research facility


MONTEREY, CA - Biopharmaceutical Research Company (BRC), an active Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) license holder, and Vanguard Scientific™, a global technology integrator of plant extraction systems and compliance services, announced a new collaboration today. Vanguard will provide BRC with its leading Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certifiable equipment and validation support to ensure quality and compliance standards at BRC’s expanding cannabis production and research facility.

BRC will be integrating Vanguard’s state-of-the-art Midas XII-CS system to enable top of the line extraction into its core capabilities. The system allows for clean, compliant and sophisticated extraction of oils and extracts using supercritical CO2. The technology will allow BRC to execute terpene and cannabinoid extraction, enabling further development of premium cannabis products for medical research at the BRC facility in California.

“This partnership is a step forward for the cannabis industry at-large, setting a precedent for GMP-focused extraction systems to be used in DEA-compliant facilities like our’s,” said BRC CEO George Hodgin. “It also sets us up to further serve biotech and pharmaceutical companies with the premium extracts they need to develop cutting edge cannabis-derived treatments.”

This summer, BRC was awarded one of the only production licenses from the DEA to produce clean, consistent and compliant cannabinoids for federally approved researchers across the United States. Having used CO2 extraction systems previously, BRC has partnered with Vanguard and their Midas Program to develop federally compliant active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for plant-based therapeutics, with uncompromising quality, for patients and researchers.

Hodgin added, “Vanguard is a force in the technology integration field and will be critical partners in providing specific equipment needs and quality solutions for our facility; they are experts in operating securely and in compliance with federal standards, which is critically important on the heels of our DEA-issued license. We’re eager to add Vanguard’s unmatched technology into our toolbox, and we especially can’t wait to put their celebrated Midas XII-CS system to work in our lab.”

“The MIDAS Program was developed to deliver medical grade extraction devices to the cannabis sector in order to manufacture efficacious medicines within the compliance requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.” Matthew Anderson, CEO of Vanguard remarks.

Anderson added, “BRC’s selection of the MIDAS XII-CS is seen as an achievement of the program’s initial charter. We look forward to providing additional technologies and quality services to the BRC as they continue to define federally compliant standards of extraction, ingredient creation and final product formulation.


About Biopharmaceutical Research Company

Biopharmaceutical Research Company (“BRC”), a DEA-licensed pharmaceutical company that develops federally compliant active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for plant-based therapeutics in the United States. BRC is pioneering the federally legal cannabis space in the U.S.


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