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Episode 2: Managing Cannabinoid Extraction, Manufacturing, and Processing Facility Planning and Cons

Air Date: May 27th, 2020 @ 10 AM PST/ 1 PM EST

In episode two of this four-part series, Vanguard Scientific, Rymedi, and Canna Advisors again team up to deliver a panel-format webinar, featuring industry-leading experts from the construction, engineering, and GMP certification/inspection fields in order to shed further light on what it takes to ‘Be GMP’ when the construction dust settles, and how to ensure your project plans have you sufficiently prepared to reach that goal.

Our hosts, Matthew Anderson (Vanguard Scientific) and Dr. Jason Cross (Rymedi) will take us on a full-hour deep-dive, exploring the following:

  • The Big 5: Our land-mine list of GMP-certification destroyers

  • Site Selection: State and county site selection variables

  • New Construction vs. Retrofit: The pros and cons

  • Finding Talent: Checklists for shortlisting your project team

  • End in Mind: How product plans influence all aspects of construction

  • Quality Implications: Aligning boots-on-ground with QMS requirements

During this session, you’ll hear a fresh round of investment-protecting predictions for FDA regulation and what they mean for your processing business. Whether you’re pre-construction, mid-project, or already up and running, this webinar will provide relevant insight to help you properly assess your facility against expected requirements under federal regulation.

Full recording available here


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