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Bison Extracts and Vanguard Scientific Team Up To Close Harmful Consumer and Patient Knowledge Gaps

Vanguard Scientific™ and Bison Extracts have launched a new program aimed at helping Oklahoma’s cannabis patients and consumers understand how the “soil-to-oil” process of creating cannabis and hemp products affects them. As is the case in many legal cannabis markets, Oklahoma’s patient and consumer product knowledge gaps are significant, and related information from manufacturers and dispensaries is often inadequate or altogether absent; a reality that leaves end users unknowingly buying products which are less effective and can be downright harmful. The education program developed by Vanguard and Bison represents an important first step in narrowing that knowledge gap and protecting consumer and patient welfare.

The collaboration is a byproduct of Vanguard and Bison’s work together developing Bison’s industry-leading, patient-first extraction and product development program. In the painstaking process of manufacturing products and getting them to those who need them, Bison regularly encounters end users who have a limited understanding of what they’re purchasing; a reality that carries very real risk. For process-obsessed Bison, it’s the shortcuts taken by manufacturers (and invisible to consumers) that ultimately undermine product quality.

The program will feature a series of events across Oklahoma, as well as digital and hard-copy distribution of education materials across the state. The companies also have plans for video and social media adaptations of the content in the first quarter of 2021.

A web version of these materials can be found below

Bison Extracts is a Veteran and Woman owned cannabis extraction company dedicated to bringing the highest quality products to the patients of Oklahoma. They provide top tier extracts, concentrates, and edibles using their proprietary methods, and Vanguard’s equipment.

You can find them on all major social media at @BisonExtracts, or get more information on their website at


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