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2021 Vanguard Scientific Virtual Summit | Inside the Industry | Session 4 | Speaker Profiles

On April 14th, 2021 Vanguard Scientific is hosting a 4-hour Webinar Event titled:

Inside the Industry: Meeting the Buyer Where They are Today & Understanding Where the Market is Going Tomorrow.

The Webinar Event is designed to give a current and multi-perspective understanding of the cannabinoid market within the US as well as the evolving global landscape. Consisting of five total segments featuring panels of recognized industry leaders with backgrounds in Compliance, Technology, CPG, Pharmaceuticals, and Investment, this event will seek to provide a foundational guide around what the industry actually looks like in 2021, and how we can best collaboratively leverage the post-COVID and post-Legalization landscape to capture the revenue opportunities of tomorrow while working together.


Session 4 Speaker Bio’s

Chris Stubbs



Chris is GenCanna's Chief Scientist, specializing in product and business development, regulatory compliance, analytical chemical testing of cannabinoids and cannabinoid products, process optimization, and strategic planning. Chris has nearly 20 years of experience in the cannabinoid space and currently resides just a few miles from GenCanna’s facilities in Kentucky, USA.

Vijay Bachus


Cannabis Business Experts

Vijay Bachus is the owner of Bachus Business Consulting Inc., cofounder of, and a contracted consultant for NSF Health Sciences LLC. Vijay is a subject matter expert in cGMP compliance and in cannabis businesses strategic planning. His experience includes pioneering cGMP, Organic, and Kosher programs at Madhava Natural Sweeteners enabling Madhava to become the first company in the United States to offer organic agave nectar to consumers. Vijay also secured certifications, including SQF Level 3 Certification, for Boulder Organic Foods, empowering them to become one of the nation’s largest organic food providers. Vijay was recruited by the Stanley brothers to be the Senior Director of Operations at Charlotte’s Web, the leading provider of CBD dietary supplements, where he developed successful Operations and Management systems and secured key industry certifications, including NSF Certification, leading to a more than $95M increase in revenue between 2015 and 2019. Vijay is currently one of the most sought-after cannabis consultants, providing guidance to clients across the globe.

Chris Chappie

SVP Systems Integrations

Vanguard Scientific

Chris has been in the cannabis industry for more than 20 years. Having worked in hydroponics, CO2 extractions, hydrocarbon extractions, ethanol extraction, and branding, Chris brings a wealth of experience to the Vanguard team.

Currently his role as SVP of Systems Integration well suits his experience in building functioning labs that are purposefully designed for bringing products to market. His seat as Chairman of Vanguard's Science and Technology Review Board allows Chris, and Vanguard, the opportunity to keep tabs on the best new equipment entering the market. This allows Vanguard to maintain their stance of being "technology agnostic" and offers clients the assurance that the equipment they get is "best in class".


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