2020 Webinar Series | Episode 3 | Unpacking THC Remediation

Vanguard is proud to host the biggest names in remediation science for #3 in our extraction webinar series. The term Remediation is the “BuzzWord de Jour” of the global CBD oil industry, however, arriving at a common and useful understanding of the process is easier said than done.

On Wednesday, October 14th, Vanguard Scientific will host webinar #3 in our 2020 series on extraction compliance and technology. The series, primarily focused on helping processors to prepare for federal regulation and/or international export, looks at everything from product formulation and production to lab design and facility construction, with the 10/14 session dedicated entirely to the rapidly evolving conversation around THC remediation.

Joined by another heavyweight panel, Vanguard Scientific CEO Matthew Anderson and co-host, Vanguard SVP of Technology Integration Chris Chappie, will unpack key concepts in Remediation from definitions and buyer-specific requirements to an exploration of the current methods of cannabinoid separation. With guests Dr. John MacKay and Chase McMichaels, Matthew and Chris will walk the audience through the science (and pseudo-science) driving developments (and controversy) throughout the industry as well as an illuminating review of the unit economics and recommended uses for superfluid chromatography and harmonic distillation; the leading methods for getting to THC-Free oil.

In panel format, this information-rich session will seek to confront, discuss and dispel some of the confusion around available Remediation techniques while providing clarity around the varying product or ingredient specifications relevant across the US and Global cannabinoid marketplaces.

Webinar Highlights to Include:

  • Definitions of Remediation and its subcategories: THC Removal, Conversion, and Separation

  • Break down the differences in different types of cannabis oil: Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum, Isolate, Distillate, Acids, Isomers and other minor cannabinoids or terpenes

  • Descriptions of THC-Free variants: THC Compliant (US and Abroad), THC Free

  • Retrospective look at the evolution (and inherent challenges) of THC remediation

  • Unpack the costs, compliance, and process bottlenecks faced by processors

  • Dissection of buyer personas: Pharma, Cosmetics, CPG, Nutritional Supplements

  • Examination of remediation technologies (and where they’re most effective): Harmonic Distillation, Flash Chromatography, Superfluid Chromatography

  • Disassemble the rumor mill: Remediation (pseudo) science: Carcinogens from Cannabis? Where does the THC go?

  • Take audience questions for our expert panel

Join us for a ride through the wild and winding landscapes of remediation. In Q&A format, our guests, Dr. John MacKay (Scientific Editor, Terpenes and Testing Magazine) and Chase McMichael (Chief Science and Engineering Officer, Pacific West Manufacturing) will share key insights based on research and boots-on-the-ground experience throughout all the different facets of cannabis extraction. See below for a brief bio on each speaker:

Matthew Anderson

Matthew is dedicated to spiritual science and the belief plant-based medicines can truly heal. As Co-Founder/CEO of Vanguard Scientific Systems, one of the world’s leading providers of end-to-end solutions for integrated botanical extraction and purification equipment and services, Matthew is uniquely positioned to change how the world’s leading processing, extraction, and active-ingredient manufacturers work with cannabis, hemp, and other natural botanicals.

Matthew intends to deliver a global network of integrated systems and solutions to meet the processing needs of the rapidly evolving cannabis and hemp industries. Through partnerships committed to market-leading technology, standards, quality control, and training excellence, Vanguard Scientific Systems will lead with compliance and consistency to provide a stable supply chain to the global marketplace.

Anderson received his degrees in International Business and Economics from Rollins College with an area focus in Performance Ensemble.

Matt is a familiar face in the media and on stages around the world, where he's regularly tapped for insights on the fast-changing cannabis landscape. You may have seen him on The Green Rush, New Cannabis Ventures, CFN, The Motley Fool, Forbes, and News24.