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From a Chemist's Point of View

Jewel Zimmer has a more interesting career journey than most of us, and they’ve all led her down the inevitable path to her company Juna. Her life seems to have revolved around food with a mother and father both in the food industry, and a few of her former careers including that of a fine-dining pastry chef, a sommelier, and a chocolatier, not to mention her foray into the skincare industry. She went to school for chemistry before changing her mind and becoming a licensed esthetician. To say Jewel is intelligent, brave, and has a knack for seeing the future of industries would all be an understatement.

During this interview, thanks to her chemistry background, Pablo and Jewel dive deep into the compounds and chemicals from terpenes to cannabinoids to flavonoids to adaptogens. They also discuss some of Jewel’s incredible journey into the industry via chocolate, they discuss tinctures, CBD, how cannabinoids affect your body, and much more.

Listen to the whole episode HERE

If you want to learn more about the topics we researched you can check out the links below:

Audio Production Assistance and Music Credits: Jason Huskey


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