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All Roads Lead To Davos

For the second year, the CannaTech Davos Cannabis House will bring the global cannabis conversation to Davos alongside the World Economic Forum. Every January, the annual World Economic Forum descends on Switzerland to bring together business leaders, investors, politicians, academics, NGOs, religious leaders, and media from around the world for discussions on current economic and social issues.

For the 2020 edition, the Davos Cannabis House, hosted by CannaTech, the world's premier international cannabis summit platform, will be presented in partnership with the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), the U.S. based OTC Markets Group, and KannaSwiss. The event will highlight the positive economic role cannabis plays in supporting long-term global goals in trade and investment, social justice, healthcare, resource security and environmental protection, specifically addressing 5 different themes, including sustainability, accountability, social equity and inclusion, global cooperation and the tech revolution.

While Cannabis plays an increasingly important role in the development of products in healthcare and recreation, many of the markets with the greatest potential also house disenfranchised populations. A growing cannabis economy is seen to represent a great opportunity to aid global populations related efforts to address issues of social equity and justice. There is hope that the global cannabis industry can support local communities and stakeholders with impact investing.

"Cannabis is on the verge of seriously impacting health care and the ways people partake in leisure activities. On the global level, the threat of climate change has opened people's eyes to hemp as a sustainable plant with innumerable uses for construction, industry, and medicine. These recent developments are creating new international ecosystems that will impact everyone from local farm workers in Africa to the world's largest corporations in the Western world. Davos could not be a better place to examine the place of Cannabis in the world at the beginning of this new decade," said Saul Kaye, founder and CEO of CannaTech and iCAN: Israel-Cannabis.

Vanguard Scientific will participate in this year’s conference, alongside global industry leaders including KannaSwiss, Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), US based OTC Markets Group, LCS Pharma, CannGoods, Essenza, CannaGlobal, Tress Capital, Stemcell United Limited, Artemis Growth Partners, and Prohibition Partners. Representing Vanguard will be CEO, Matthew Anderson, and CRO, Pablo Quiroga.

Mr. Anderson will speak to the CannaTech Davos audience on Compliance, Regulation and Quality throughout the Cannabinoid Supply as a part of a series of speaking events where presenters will address subjects including sustainability and climate change, energy, packaging waste and more. As a respected commentator on plant science and extraction, Mr. Anderson will share valuable insights on the expanding cannabis landscape, focusing on the increasing need for consistency in quality of product and related operations, as well as insight on where businesses are turning to remain viable and successful while avoiding disruptions in an unpredictable and increasingly stringent regulatory system.

On January 23d the Vanguard Team will attend the Cannabis Conclave, where leading cannabis executives and investors will gather to fuel the legalization debate globally, with emphasis on highlighting the growing legitimacy and maturity of the legal industry. The event is sponsored by the Consumer Choice Center, Prohibition Partners, Fluence by OSRAM, and Golden Eagle Partners (GEP).

See you in Davos!


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