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On April 14th, 2021 Vanguard Scientific is hosting a 4-hour Webinar Event titled: 


Inside the Industry: Meeting the Buyer Where They are Today & Understanding Where the Market is Going Tomorrow.


The Webinar Event is designed to give a current and multi-perspective understanding of the cannabinoid market within the US as well as the evolving global landscape. Consisting of five total segments featuring panels of recognized industry leaders with backgrounds in Compliance, Technology, CPG, Pharmaceuticals, and Investment, this event will seek to provide a foundational guide around what the industry actually looks like in 2021, and how we can best collaboratively leverage the post-COVID and post-Legalization landscape to capture the revenue opportunities of tomorrow while working together.
Co-hosts Matthew Anderson of Vanguard Scientific, Anne Donohoe of KCSA, Doug Peckenpaugh of BNP Media, and Stephen Murphy of Prohibition Partners will lead viewers through the following agenda:

9:00 AM

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The Wild Ride of Cannabis; 2020 and the Future that is Upon Us


This session will feature a round table discussion between all of our hosts, starting with gathering the perspectives of our eclectic host panel on the topics of:

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  • What has transpired over the past 12 months

  • The future of regulation in Cannabis both in the US and abroad

  • How Consumer adoption continues to develop globally

  • The productization of cannabis, and the industry’s shifting  views on the subject.

  • The impacts of business consolidation on the broader competitive landscape, and the opportunities that are being created.




Vanguard Scientific


Managing Director



Group Editorial Director

Cannabis Products Magazine



Prohibition Partners

9:30 AM

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As the dust settles on 2020, What does the industry look like? Recent M&A and the public markets

Co-hosted by Matthew Anderson and Anne Donohoe, this session will be taking a deep dive into how the industry has changed, evolved and is once again growing after the events of the last 12 months. A highly informed and deeply experienced panel will tackle the following topics:

Image by Esteban Lopez
  • Business consolidation and supply chain integration. The benefits, challenges and potential risks of ‘non organic’ growth.


  • What is the Investor ‘appetite’ today? There is capital returning to the industry, but what types of business are seeing interest from the smart money, and why?

  • The public markets. Where are the early traded ‘rising stars’ today?, how have the markets recovered from the significant adjustments of late 2019?, and can increased stability be anticipated as varied global regulations take effect?

  • Medical or Adult Use Cannabis? Hemp Ingredients? The pros and cons of both market environments.

  • Expectations, Hopes and Aspirations for the industry in  2021?



Founder / Portfolio Manager

JW Asset Management


Founder / CIO

CB1 Capital



Entourage Effect Capital

10:20 AM

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Buyer and Consumption Trends, Who’s Buying What?

Co-hosted by Anne Donohoe, this session will be seeking to gain a grasp of what the markets look like in terms of actual Consumption. This data rich session will deconstruct the following topics:

Image by Add Weed
  • What new trends are emerging in brand, product type and form?

  • What is happening with cannabis THC, hemp CBD and other variants in consumer demand in terms of volume and market growth? Where are the opportunities?

  • Is the wholesale market following or leading the consumer trends of today? If so, How? Why? & What are the drivers?

  • What has been the impact of supply volumes on the current market for Cannabis; Hemp? Are these conditions transitory or the development of a long term shift?



Group Editorial Director

Cannabis Products Magazine



Xabis Inc



Aperon Corporation

11:10 AM

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What does the future of the Cannabis Industry Look like?

Co-Hosted by Stephen Murphy, this session will define what the immediate and long term future of the industry looks like from a global perspective. This crystal ball enabled and content saturated session will provide opinion and analysis around the following topics:

Image by Ndispensable
  • Market share and trends continued..., What drivers are affecting the change in Research and Demand of cannabis and hemp ingredients?

  • What does the supply chain look like today? What’s missing? How will the scaling demand be fulfilled?

  • Lack of Translation How is regulation affecting buyer specifications? To what degree in 2020; in 2021 and beyond?

  • Understanding what the formal ingredient buyers of CBD 2.0 demand, and what is required to deliver.

  • What are the trends in product plant chemistry (CBD/CBG/∆8/CBDa/other ) and form (homogenized / full spectrum / broad spectrum / isolate / other)?

  • What requirement specifications and price impacts are expected  through 2021, and how is this likely to affect the industry composition?

  • What does the composition of the market at year end 2021 look like globally? What are the buyer profiles? 
    How do we optimize? for the best interest of the consumer, the plant and the industry? 







Cannabis Business Experts


SVP Systems Integrations

Vanguard Scientific

12:00 PM

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The Wrap Up: Unpacking the Information Presented Today, and Turning it Into Actionable Steps for Tomorrow

Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis
  • The final session will consist of the regrouping of our hosts in another round table discussion unpacking their thoughts on the conversations from the segments earlier in the program, wrapping all the information up into key insights, takeaways, opportunity highlights and actionable recommendations.

Image by Jeff W

You won't want to miss this! The event is 100% free and will be packed with information from experts in all facets of the industry. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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